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Questions About Our Company

Is your company US registered?

Our company has been in existence since 2010.We could not have existed this long if we did not follow the protocols of running a US based business, this includes registering with the state. Our customers are assured not only of our quality work, but also our legitimacy.

Can I trust your site to be safe enough for ordering online without the threat of hackers?

Since hackers have been a threat for most online platforms, our company has exponentially increased cyber security on everything from personal computers to hosting services. I could therefore confidently assert that our website is safe and free from any kind of threat.Customers can place orders online at Our company?

What makes your company standout from the rest of them?

It is very unfortunate that other unprofessional company’s have given a misleading perception of the writing industry. However, I would like to clarify that there are legitimate writing service providers whose main objective is to ensure quality and maintain a professional demure. Our company has for years earned the customer’s trust through provision of timely and affordable services that do no
compromise quality.very transaction done is encrypted for security hence no one can use
someone else credit card to process a transaction.

What assurance can you provide regarding you private policies?

We are committed to secure the personal information provided to us by our esteemed customers. Unlike other custom essay services who may share information with affiliate organization, our company is dedicated to managing our customer’s personal information according to the privacy act and other applicable laws of our organization. The privacy policies apply to the client, the organization and the writers. A copy of the privacy policy can be issued to a client on request.

 Paper Writing & Order Procedure 

What kind of papers have you specialized in?

Our company has a wide pool of writers with different professional expertise. Besides Apart from their academic qualification our writers have experience handling all types of papers ranging from dissertation, essays, projects and terms papers. Also, they are well verse with all the writing styles including APA, MLA, CHICAGO  and HARVARD. The organization can complete the orders within the stipulated time frame without compromising quality.

What guarantee do I have that you will complete my order once I place it?

Our work speaks for itself. None of our competitors can match our speed, price and quality. We offer affordable, timely, up to date and  quality work in any given sphere. Our writers are quite experienced and they know how to play by the rules. So when you are placing an order with us, you will be assured of satisfactory work.

How can you rate your writer’s qualification?

For one to qualify as writer in our organization, he/she must be in possession of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. We have graduate writers in different fields including engineering, mathematics, medicine and Arts. A writer can only tackle research from a field that he /she is conversant with. Besides, we have a quality assurance team that ensures that the work done by the writer is  standard.

How do I know that my order will be handled by an expert?

Like I have mentioned above, we have different writers with  qualifications from different field. Therefore all writers can handle orders only in their areas of specialization. We know how important quality work maters to our clients and we are committed to doing just that.

Does your company’s policies allow me to communicate to my writer in case I need to clarify some issues?

We have developed a messaging system that allows the client to communicate with the writer.This will help you monitor the progress of the paper and probably share some important information including resources like websites and textbooks.In case of any problems or may be you are not comfortable working with the writer, you can communicate to our customer service anytime of the day or night.

How can I follow up on my paper to ensure it is being done?

The first step towards monitoring the progress of your paper is by keeping in touch with the writer. You can also request that parts of the finished work be uploaded while the rest is being worked on. Uploading parts of the work will help you recognize if the writer is adhering to the instructions of the paper. You can also engage our customer service on live chat 24/7 to monitor the progress of your paper. Our main objective is to let the client relax because we exist to solve their writing problems.

 Is it possible for me to get a sketch of the work in progress?

It is very possible to request your writer to send samples of what they are writing. However, when you are placing your order, you should ensure to capture the fact that you would wish to have a drafts of your paper. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that you can receive your draft on a timely basis.

How will my paper be delivered to me?

Each client has a personal profile in our website. To become a member, you need to sign up with your user name and password. If you want to get your paper, just sign into your account then you can
download a completed order from your account. If you wish to have your pare e-mailed to you, all you need is just to request. In case of any queries, you should feel free to contact our support team.

Can you promise to keep deadline?

Our writers work very hard to ensure that they beat the deadlines of the papers. We have writers who work both on day and night shift to ensure that the papers are delivered on timely basis. However, if you have a complex and long paper and you require it in a short deadline that our writers cannot meet; we shall request you to get an extension to give the writer more time to achieve quality.

 What assurance to I have that your writers will deliver original papers?

Our writers are well aware of the penalties of plagiarism and by all mean they steer clear of the vice. They are dedicated to writing original papers free from plagiarism. Every paper regardless of whether it had been tackled is researched from scratch and sources correctly sited. You can therefore trust our company for original and quality work.

Do you give room for correcting instruction after placing the order?

We are committed to seeing our clients graduating with good grades.therefore we are flexible to any changes that may be requested on the paper even after the order has been completed.Customers can
request their papers to be revised in case they did not follow  instructions or in case there are new instructions that should be included.Revision will be done free of charge, though they must be in compliance with the previous instructions and only minor changes.

Can the writer provide references for the research in case I am unable to provide any?

Your references will be used by our writer as a guide for the research. However, if you cannot provide any, our writers will conduct the research by themselves and write the paper then site the sources. We have access to many online libraries hence it will be easy for them to get resources including books and journals. However, in cases where the references are not easily found, you may be required to upload some resources to be used. This will help achieve quality work.

What are the procedures involved in case I experience any problems with my paper?

On very rare occasion that you might experience difficulties with your paper maybe in terms of submission or quality, you are free to air out you complaints. Our support team is always on call 24/7 therefore you can contact them and trust that they will resolve whatever predicament you are facing.

Do you ensure that there is a bibliography in your paper?

Our writers are dedicated to following your instruction to the later. Depending on the recommended style requested by the client, the writer will ensure to document all the sources used for the research.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the paper?

Like I had mentioned before, if the customer is not satisfied with the writer’s work, he/she can request for revision which will be done at no extra cost. If the writer had difficulty writing the paper, then we can give the work to another writer who is more conversant with the paper.


Is there any hidden fee from what you are charging me?

It is the trend with other customer writing companies is to, lure customers with cheaper prices only for the customer to realize later that they have incurred other hidden charges that were not part of the bill. However, our company does not operate that way. When we promise affordable services, we have already estimated that the amount we have charged you is able to cater for the company’s expense hence no extra or hidden fees included.

In case I do not have a credit card, how can I place my payment?

Customers without credit cards can use wire transfers to make transactions. However, if you experience any problem, contact our customer care.

Can my money be reimbursed?

Our policies do not accept to issue a refund. If we did this, we would not be in business. However, we promise that we will provide quality work that will satisfy our customers. If they are not satisfied, we guarantee revision with no additional charge. Pursuing a refund policy will kill our company since some client may take the work, copy it and argue that they are not satisfied. All we can promise is to offer quality work.

Other Questions

Do your company offer discount for every paper placed?

We have different discount programs that can be enjoyed by our esteemed customers. For more information, you can visit the discount page from our website to see which one you qualify for.

Can lectures find out if I have bought the papers online?

Yes. Professor and lectures are able to track papers that have been done form students online data base. However, you need not to worry because the papers we offer are original and cannot be tracked in any online data base.

Why can’t I place a big order that is required in a short time?

Like I said before that we have been in existence for many years. therefore, the many years of experience has taught us that a big order with many pages requires quite some time to conduct the research and write the paper.Therefore, orders with many pages cannot be done in short notice.however, you can place the order by placing different chapters so that the work can be shared by more than two writers to achieve the short deadline plus quality.

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