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Below please find questions relating to Strategic management.

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ESSAY/SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS –These five questions can be totally answered by information contained in your textbook. I do ask that you reference the textbook at the end of the section, and after each question, list the page number(s) where you obtained your answer. If you desire to use other sources besides the textbook, you are REQUIRED to reference that source as well; however, I would STRONGLY encourage to simply use your textbook, as the textbook is what will be used to grade your answer.


26.  Describe, in detail, the four basic elements of strategic management.


27.  List all of the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and explain the impact of this act on corporate governance. Please number each of the requirements as you list them.


28.  List and discuss, in detail, the three basic approaches to ethical behavior.


29.  List and discuss, in detail, the different types of forecasting and identify which is the most commonly practiced form of forecasting and discuss why it is the most commonly practiced form of forecasting.


30.  Define and discuss, in detail, both a value chain and a company’s center of gravity.

Please find more questions in the attached file.


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